There are many options to stay around the Ruka area. We have picked the most convenient ones to make it easier for you.

You can find our package deal (accommodation + festival ticket + lift ticket) options through this link.

MASTONAITIO About 800m from the festival site, three different sized private cabins for 4-8 people.
RUKAVILLAGE Different sized private apartments for 2+1 people, located in Ruka Village, about 800m from the festival site.
SCANDIC RUKAHOVI Hotel rooms for 1-3 people. Breakfast included. Located in Ruka Village, about 1km from the festival site.

There’s a huge variety of cabins and villas around Ruka. You can explore the options HERE ↳


Select the amount of rooms you want to book. In this case, a room means an entire cabin/apartment. All accommodations have their own kitchens, bathrooms, showers, saunas and terraces/balconies. You can see photos and all the specifications by following the link under the “show room details” button.

Total price for the package will be calculated when you select the amount of people staying at the chosen accommodation. Package includes festival and lift tickets for the amount of people you choose. With the lift ticket (valid on Friday and Saturday), you can use the ski-lift that goes between RukaVillage and the festival site.