What is the age limit?

18 years. Identification required.

How do I get to Solstice 2021?

Ruka Ski Resort is located in Kuusamo, northern Finland. The easiest way to get there from Helsinki is by a charter bus organized by us. The busses will travel from Helsinki to Ruka and back, arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. Tickets will come on sale in February.

There are daily direct flights from Helsinki to Kuusamo (25 mins away from Ruka) and Oulu (three hours away from Ruka). Bus tickets from Oulu to Ruka and Kuusamo will be available on www.matkahuolto.fi closer to the event.

What if I’m traveling to Solstice 2021 from somewhere other than Helsinki?

If traveling from Finland, please see www.vr.fi for trains and www.matkahuolto.fi for busses. If you’re traveling from abroad, the easiest way is to get into Helsinki first, then continue by our charter bus (tickets online soon), car or plane.

Where can I book accommodation?

www.solsticefestival.fi/accommodation. Though you get a special price for accommodations when booking our options, you can also book an accommodation from another provider. Please see the following links for those: https://www.ruka.fi/en/where-to-stay

Where can I buy a ticket for the festival?

You can buy tickets from Tiketti www.tiketti.fi/solsticefestival (also linked to on our website). Beware of frauds when buying second hand tickets.

Will there be a camping site?

There is no camping site organized by us. However Ruka Safaris provide camping and caravan spots at Iisakki Village, 6 km from the festival site: https://rukasafaris.fi/en/accommodation/camping. Please note that all inquiries about camping should be directed at them. 

Is there fresh drinkable water on site?

Yes at the festival site. Also tap water in all accommodations is fresh and drinkable.

Can I buy a single day ticket for the festival? How about accommodations?

We only sell tickets for the whole festival and that goes for the accommodations as well, which are very affordable when booked through us. However, you have the option of booking your accommodation from a legitimate third party provider. Please see the following link for those: https://www.ruka.fi/en/central-booking-agencies

Will there be a guarded place to leave my belongins on site?

Yes. More information on the location coming up.

Can I bring my food?

You can bring small snacks (nuts, cookies, bananas etc.)

Is there an ATM on site and what forms of payment are accepted?

There is one located in Ruka Village 1 km from the festival site. Accepted forms of payment on site are cash, credit and bank cards.

How do I move around Ruka and the festival site? Can I leave the festival area and come back?

Mainly by foot. The festival ticket includes a ski-lift ticket, which operates between RukaVillage, the festival site and RukaValley. There’s also a local cab service. You may move freely in and out the festival area (remember to keep your pass with you).

Can I drive there?

You can and there are parking spaces in Ruka Village and at MastonAitio for those who are staying there. (https://www.ruka.fi/en/parking). We don’t encourage private cars however.

Can I return or change my ticket?

In a situation where the event should be cancelled, the festival tickets are fully refundable. That also goes for accommodations booked through us (Tiketti). All tickets are unexchangeable. If you book your accommodation through another provider, please see their cancellation and change policy.

Can I bring my medicines?

Yes but please contact us beforehand at hello(at)solsticefestival.fi

Can I take photos or film at the festival?

Yes, but keep in mind your fellow festival attendees. Don’t film other people without their permission and please don’t film or take photos on the dancefloors. Selfie sticks, drones or tripods are forbidden.