• Festival site & accessibility

    • The festival is held on top of a fell called Rukatunturi, 490m above sea level, and it is a part of Ruka Ski Resort. The area is rocky, at times challenging to travel and has level changes. For this reason, all of it is not wheelchair accessible. If you wish to enter with a wheelchair, please let us know beforehand.

    • A detailed map of Ruka Village and a lot of other information about the surrounding areas and activities can be found here.

  • Arriving to Ruka

    • When arriving with the festival bus, you’ll get directly to your accommodation as it stops at Maston Aitio and RukaVillage.

    • Aurinkorinne is located 350m from RukaVillage. For those coming with a car, you’ll find plenty of parking spots around the area, close to all accommodations. MastonAitio cabins have parking spots in front of the cabins. All parking info can be found here.

    • Your apartment info and door code will be sent to you via text message. If you have not received any info when arriving, please call Ski-Inn Reception +358103825150 (24/7).

  • Wristband exchange & ticket sales

    • We have two wristband exchanges. If you are coming from Ruka Village you can get your wristband or buy a single day ticket from our wristband exchange at the bottom of the Village Express Ski Lift located in Ruka Village. If you are entering from the Valley entrance on the MastonAitio side, you can do so at the Valley entrance on that side. If you have a three day festival ticket, you’ll receive your ski lift ticket as you exchange the festival ticket into your wristband.

  • Getting around

    • You can get around Ruka by foot. Distances can be rather long, the terrain can be advanced and the steepness may surprise you at times, but it's still the best way to get around. Just remember to reserve enough time :-)

    • The Ski lift helps you get up (and down). All three day tickets include a ski lift ticket. Village Express takes you directly to the festival site.

      Ski Lifts are open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

      Ruka's taxi services are convenient for longer distances.

      Electric mountain bikes are also a handy and a fun way to move around the area. You can rent them from Ruka Bikes.

  • Drinks and food on site

    • We offer high quality drinks from Finnish beer to natural wines and cocktails at the festival site. There are a few bars, which also offer small snacks to keep you going. Bringing your own drinks or food to the festival site isn't allowed, but you can bring a non-deposit water bottle and small snacks.

    • All canned drinks and bottles sold inside the festival area include a 1€ deposit which is refundable upon return. We strongly encourage you to return them.

  • Restaurants

    • From RukaVillage and RukaValley, you'll find plenty of restaurants offering a vast variety of dishes focusing on local cuisine and ingredients and a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.

      More info and full list of restaurants in Ruka area here.

  • Services

    • ATM
      There is an ATM located in Ruka Village, at Kumpare shopping centre (outside), 1 km from the festival site. Accepted forms of payment on the festival site are cash, credit and bank cards.

    • Pharmacy
      Ruka Info (at Shopping Centre Kumpare) has a Kuusamo Central Pharmacy service point where you can buy the most common self-care medicines and bandages. Ruka Info is open daily 10–17.

    • Grocery Stores
      In Ruka Village, the closest grocery shop, K Market, is in Shopping Centre Kumpare. More shopping opportunities are available at Rukan Portti, where you can find Sale Ruka and Alko.


      K-Market Ruka Village
      Mon–Sat 10–20
      Sun 11–18

    • Sale Ruka
      Mon–Tue 08–21
      Fri 08–18
      Sat–Sun 10–21

    • Alko Ruka
      Mon–Wed 10–18
      Thu 10–21
      Fri 09–12
      Sat closed
      Sun closed

  • Trash

    • It’s very important that you leave no trace behind, meaning no cigarette butts, no glitter, no confetti, no packaging, no other trash, cans or bottles. We encourage everyone to pick up litter as they go.

      All cans and bottles have a 1€ deposit which you'll get back or can use at any of the bars.

  • Behaviour

    • We have zero tolerance for harassment, disruptive, and generally unwanted behaviour. If you witness any, please report to security or a staff member. Take care of each other.

    • Zero tolerance for illegal substances. Everyone is subject to a security check at the gate.

    • It’s very important that you leave no trace behind, meaning no cigarette butts, no glitter, no confetti, no packaging, no other trash, cans or bottles. We encourage everyone to pick up litter as they go. Pocket ashtrays are available at wristband exchange points. Please take one up if you intend to smoke.

    • All cans and bottles have a 1€ deposit which you’ll get back or can use at any of the bars.

  • Awareness team

    • The Solstice 2024 awareness team aims to ensure that all people at the festival feel as safe and comfortable as possible during the festival, free from harassment of any kind like unwanted touching, catcalling, stalking, weird staring, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism or any kind of discrimination, all of which are not tolerated at this festival. The Awareness team is there for you to talk to and in order to help if you experience or witness any of the aforementioned.

  • Clothing & gear

    • Bring plenty of warm clothes and layers as Finnish summer weather can be unpredictable. It's highly recommended to bring with you a wind- and waterproof jacket and pants, as well as suitable shoes for challenging terrain.

  • Prohibited items

    • Drinks of any kind

    • Illicit substances

    • Pets or other animals

    • Umbrellas

    • SLR cameras, Tripods, Selfie sticks, GoPro sticks and other camera sticks

    • Deposit bottles

    • Weapons of any kind, firearms, drugs/narcotics, alcohol and any other illegal items

    • Aerosol sprays (hairspray, deodorant, paint etc.)

    • Thermacell mosquito repellents (all normal non-aerosol mosquito sprays are okay - let's not kill our friends in the ecosystem)

    • Any portable chairs

  • First aid

    • Ther are two first aids is located next to the Peak entrance and near the lower Valley entrance (MastonAitio side). Emergency number is 112. Please contact staff if you witness a case of emergency.

  • Sustainability

    • At Solstice, sustainability and ecological production on all fronts are core values. Please do your part by recycling waste, turning the lights off when you aren't of use, by taking short showers and saunas, and considering travel and meal options.


  • What are the opening hours?

    • 16:00-02:00.

  • What is the age limit?

    • 18 years. Identification required.

  • How do I get to Solstice 2024?

    • Ruka Ski Resort is located in Kuusamo. The easiest way to get there is by bus. We sell bus tickets from Helsinki to Ruka and back, which will be available around Feb.

    • The nearest airport is Kuusamo Airport. You can also fly to Oulu Airport and take a bus to Kuusamo. Bus tickets for Oulu-Kuusamo available at

  • Where can I book an accommodation?

  • Where can I buy a ticket to the festival?

  • The accommodation ticket is for four nights but I can't stay that many / I want to stay longer.

    • You can arrive later or leave earlier within the booking period. If you wish to extend your stay past four days, please contact [email protected]

  • Is there a camping site?

    • There is no camping on the festival site or organised by the festival. However, the nearest tent camping possibilty can be found at Valtavaara. More information on that here. Should you decide to camp, be sure to pay extra attention on leaving no trace behind and being respectful to the land and the people around.

  • Is there fresh drinkable water on site?

    • Yes inside the festival area. You can bring an empty bottle to fill it up. We also sell spring water bottles on site. Note: Tap water at the accomodations is also safe and drinkable.

  • Is there a guarded place to leave my belongings on the festival site?

    • Yes. There will be a dedicated cloakroom at the Peak entrance.

  • Can I bring food?

    • You can bring small snacks (nuts, cookies, bananas etc.)

  • Is there an ATM on site and what forms of payment are accepted?

    • There is one located in Ruka Village, 1 km from the festival site. Accepted forms of payment on site are cash, credit and bank cards.

  • How do I move around Ruka and the festival site?

    • Mainly by foot and ski lifts. The ski lift takes you easily from RukaVillage to the festival area and back. There’s a local cab service as well, which makes it easy to get around. Electric mountain bikes are also very handy in the area. You can rent them from Ruka Bikes.

  • Can I drive there?

    • You can and there are parking spaces in Ruka Village and. Those staying at MastonAitio will have a parking space there. More info here.

  • Can I return or change my ticket?

    • All tickets are non-refundable and unexchangeable unless the event is cancelled.

  • Can I bring my medicine?

    • Yes but please contact us beforehand at hello(at)

  • Can I take photos or film at the festival?

    • Yes, but keep in mind your fellow festival attendees. Don’t film other people without their permission and please don’t film or take photos on the dancefloors. Professional SLR cameras, selfie sticks, drones or tripods are forbidden.

  • Media accreditation?

    • For press inquiries, please get in touch by 1st April at hello(at)

  • Sustainability?

    • Solstice aims for zero waste and minimal environmental impact, and is implementing its circular economy system in all aspects of its production. Solstice collaborates closely with Ruka Kuusamo’s sustainability program, as well as ‘The Most Sustainable European Capital of Culture’ program with Oulu.

      Solstice Festival adheres to green values and works in accordance to Ruka’s environmental plan to ensure a carbon neutral festival. All of the electricity used will be generated through wind and water power. Waste will be recycled back into energy and raw materials to be used in our art installations. Read more about Ruka’s environmental plan at