On this page you will find all basic information about the festival and its policies. We expect all our guests to honour their fellow festival-goers to create a welcoming and appreciating atmosphere.



  • The festival is held on top of a fell called Rukatunturi, 490m above sea level, and it is a part of Ski Resort Ruka. The area is rocky, at times challenging to travel and has level changes. For this reason it is not wheelchair accessible.


  • Solstice 2021 is held outdoors which already makes the contagion of any possible viruses less likely. We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our attendees with plenty of hand sanitizers and facemasks available in and around the festival site, as well as guidelines and reminders to take care of personal hygiene. The bar and food staff will clean surfaces frequently with appropriate cleaning fluids. We’re constantly monitoring the situation and in contact with professionals in the field of epidemiology.


  • There are a few bars and a food shack on site to keep your thirst and hunger away. Own drinks are not allowed, but you can bring a non-refundable water bottle and small snacks. More restaurants are found from RukaVillage and RukaValley. 
  • All canned drinks sold inside the festival area include a 1€ deposit which is refundable upon return.


  • It’s very important that you leave no trace behind, meaning no cigarette butts, no glitter, no confetti, no trash, no cans or bottles. We encourage everyone to pick up litter as they go. There will be plenty of trash bins on site.


  • Zero tolerance for harassment, disruptive, and generally unwanted behaviour. If you witness any, please report to security or a staff member. Take care of each other.
  • Zero tolerance for illegal substances. Everyone is subject to a security check at the gate.


  • Bring plenty of warm clothes and layers as Finnish summer weather can be unpredictable. A wind- and waterproof jacket and pants are highly recommended, as well as good shoes for challenging terrain.


  • – Any kinds of drinks
  • – Illicit substances
  • – Pets or other animals
  • – Umbrellas
  • – Tripods, Selfie sticks, GoPro sticks and other camera sticks
  • – Deposit bottles
  • – Weapons of any kind, firearms, drugs/narcotics, alcohol and any other illegal items
  • – Aerosol sprays (hairspray, deodorant, paint etc.)
  • – Any portable chairs


  • First aid is located at the main entrance. You can also turn to any staff member if in need of medical assistance and they will guide you to the first aid site.



  • For press inquiries, please get in touch by 1st April at hello(at)solsticefestival.fi