If you’re coming from RukaVillage or RukaValley you’ll be coming in from the entry at the top, arriving directly at Karhu Bar, Jameson Bar and the Noita Winery stall, your hotspots for when you need a drink or a glass of wine in hand at the Peak Stage. Also situated on the peak are Alvarin Dogi, for when (hot dog) hunger hits, and a cloakroom for the stuff you don’t want to carry around all day. The ski-lift takes you to RukaVillage and back in no time when you need to use any of its services. Please note that the lift runs until 20:00

As you start making your way down the hill into the valley, your eyes immediately land on the wooden-floored Valley Stage down left, the upper first aid if you turn your gaze straight left, and the main bar area down on the right, with Absolut bar as your source for cocktails, the Valley Bar as your hookup for drinks, and the Jägermeister bar for most things Jäger. Next to the Valley stage Let Me Wine serves wines, au naturel of course, and if you feel hungry, Beans&more is your spot for tasty vegan tacos, bowls and nachos plates.

Finally nearing the lower entrance you’ll find the Kelo tent, a first aid tent, and a calming tent for if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to calm down. If you’re heading to the festival site from MastonAitio, flip the description above.