Solstice Festival adheres to Ruka’s environmental program to aim at a carbon neutral festival. As of 2018, Ruka Ski Resort has been a carbon neutral ski resort. Means of cutting down emissions include using emission-free hydroelectric as well as wind power, heating buildings with biomass heat from woodchips and geothermal heat, and compensating for CO2 emissions caused by the use of machinery and equipment in accordance with the Gold Standard certificate recommended by WWF. Energy consumption is measured through Ruka’s high-quality measuring equipment, which can be accurately monitored 24 hours a day.

The festival accommodations have waste sorting bins and instructions. Recycling points are located in the immediate vicinity of apartments.

We use sustainable wood as the main ingredient in our site production, which comes from the local saw Pölkky, who are committed to sustainable forestry. Carefully planned timber procurement that involves a consideration for the multiplicity of nature combined with a reduction in the environmental impact of the production facilities is crucial. The festival employs local talent in all parts of our site production. Reusable materials are used in site production, art pieces and decorations.

Our partner Hanki Baari serves sustainable food made from local ingredients and with a focus on vegetarian and vegan options. All meat served at the festival is wild game. The drink selection at our bars consists of a wide selection of organic products.

All bottles and cans have a 1€ deposit, to ensure that they’re returned and recycled. Dinnerware and cups used at the festival are 100% biodegradable. Any waste from the festival will be recycled back into raw materials and energy. We leave no trace at the festival area after the event.

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