Solstice Festival is a gathering for people who enjoy music, art and nature, preferably combined. It takes place during midsummer (22.-24.6) in northern Finland next to the Arctic Circle. The festival site, Rukatunturi, is an arctic fjeld which rises half a kilometer above sea level, giving people picturesque views over pine trees and lakes.

That time of the year combined with the northern location means the sun doesn’t set at all, creating a unique atmosphere — a celebration of light and life.


With its magnificent views and unreal atmosphere created by the midnight Sun, Solstice Festival can feel like an extended dream. This feeling is enhanced with a carefully curated music program featuring international guests, domestic heroes and rising talents spread across three stages.

Below you'll find the full music lineup.

Ajukaja & Ats

Great things, great great things is what we’ve heard about Ajukaja’s and Ats’ live performance. As vital movers and shakers of the Estonian underground, they’ve both been at this for so long that by now it all comes from the backbone. Spinal stuff. Welcome to the other side of club music.

These lads will bring their functioning and barely functioning equipment across the Baltic pond for some midsummer magic 🌲 Sorcery doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Angel D’lite

Oh it squiggles alright. Talking about Angel D’lite’s music that is. Does it break your senses into pieces and form them back up again? Moooost def.

If we had to picture a rave on a field in Sheffield during the late 80’s / early 90’s crAaAazy days, Angel D’lite is pretty much what comes up in the mind's eye. Though she is from this day and age. Deeelightful.

Angel D’lite, the breakbeat bestie, the rave o’ raver. Pitch it up, move it around and get some pink prosecco to wash it down… with.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp


This Parisian is what we’d call a low-key superstar. Which is an oxymoron but hey, we’re morons. Thrilling UK techno and ecstatic tribal beats laced with weirdo electronic fragrances. Bambi’s got you by your feet (and mind).

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Cucina Povera

Use the ingredients you have seems to be the ethos for Maria Rossi aka Cucina Povera. And it works goddamit. With releases on Vladimir Ivkovic’s Offen Music and Austria’s staple of experimental electronic music Editions Mego to name a couple, Cucina Povera seems to have position herself well among what’s been and what’s yet to come.

Subtle expressions of grandness.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Daniel Kayrouz & Justus Valtanen

Elia Lombardini

The word cinematic barely does justice to Elia Lombardini's music. It is a universe of its own.

Bandcamp / Spotify


Producer, DJ, singer and fashion designer. Maria Korkeila aka emkay is a wizard in her fields, whether it’s stiching together sounds or fabric.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Gabrielle Kwarteng

NYC born, NYC raised.

From The Loft to Love Parade.


Hanna Ojanen

Hanna Ojanen cut her teeth while living in Japan, undoubtedly scouring the bins of local record shops. Her immaculate taste in disco, house and funk is becoming better known to the general public weekend after weekend as she regurlarly plays at Helsinki's distintictive dance venues Post Bar, Kaiku and Siltanen.


Josey Rebelle

Powerful London force Josey Rebelle is great at channeling what’s musically interesting about the UK, blending fun(ky) with murky, vibes with strong and distinct rhythms. Forget your bells. Forget your whistles. Just bring that hot stuff and work it.

Josey Rebelle got her education at legendary, now defunct London club Plastic People. A pinnacle among a generation. What tickled our senses was one time when she played at a certain American festival (in the woods). We weren’t actually on the dance floor but as the hazy mist of a campsite noon cleared out, we could hear her work it. And we mean, truly work it. And of course, the roar from the crowd. The rest was left up to our imaginations.

Now at Solstice 2023, we get to hear and see Josey bring it on the Peak. Oh, ain’t that sweet 🌲


Jacob & Julius

A tour de force of back-to-backs and a showcase of taste.

Lena Willikens

It’s actually a bit difficult to write about Lena Willikens. She’s been one of the most sought-after DJs for so many years now and it feels like it has become blatantly obvious why. So few make oddball grooves sound like the most natural thing in the world.

Cutting her teeth at cultural institute and renowned Düsseldorf hangout Salon des Amateurs, Lena’s style of deejaying is patient and tasteful yet fun through passionate track selections.



An exciting and relatively new name in Finland. Something tells us Mora has a lot to offer in the years coming.


Inner Totality

Winner Totality — UK's top guy.


Paula Koski

Paula Koski is on the up-n-up cause she makes people get down-n-down.


Roi Perez

Roi Perez earned his chops in Tel Aviv’s queer scene in the early 2010s.

Within a few years he unexpectedly ended up becoming a resident at Panorama Bar by being a last minute schedule replacement. The rest is history.

His time-stretching and feet soaking musical deliveries have become a globe-wide phenomenon since then due to his ability to mix together jacking house, cosmic techno, lustful disco, and thick muggy breakbeat in a seamless, mind expanding manner.


Romance Relic

Romance Relic (Jussi Hertz, b. 1995) is a Helsinki-based multi-disciplinary artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Hertz’s compositions take influences from experimental electronic music, modern classical music and ambient genre tropes. Their pieces of music have been previously released via labels such as Janushoved, DISPLAY and Eastern Nurseries.

Sonically Hertz works with various mediums, ranging from field recordings and re-appropriated Instagram & TikTok sound excerpts to synthesized melodic passages and vocal verses.

Hertz also co-hosts a curatorial contemporary art platform World Canvas with 3D artist and designer Gabriel Boicel.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Bandcamp (World Canvas)

Photo: Adele Hyry


Here in Finland we’ve known Sansibar got the juice, the good juice. And it seems the rest of the globe is now picking up on that. Perhaps his recent sophmore LP for Kalahari Oyster Cult finally and well-deservedly did it, though accolades such as having a track featured on a Fabric mix by MCDE ain’t nothing to sneeze at either. Add to that a string of releases on Darknet, Warning, Émotsiya, Radiant Love, Natural Sciences, and Avoidance and you see how it all adds up.

Sansibar has been quietly honing his craft tucked away in studio spaces around Helsinki, starting off in indie and post-punk bands in his early teens. It seems the path was laid out ages ago. Nowadays he’s a resident at Helsinki clubs Post Bar and Kaiku and a frequent performer at venues and festivals all over Europe. One of the hardest working Finns in showbiz.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Photo: Adele Hyry

Samo DJ

Many DJs are just the same ol’ same ol’. But fortunately Samo DJ ain’t. He’s got the chops to entertain the block.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp


Hailing from the mountains of Bergen, Norway, Bård Aasen aka Skatebård has been a favourite of many people for over three decades and it seems that day after day his reign runs even more supreme.


Wata Igarashi

They came up with the term "hypnotic techno" because of Wata Igarashi. Facts.


Young Marco

You know him, you love him.



There are exceptional places for art to happen, exist and to be experienced on top of the fjeld. Solstice 2023 art program brings together a group of emerging and established artists to create commissioned site-specific art installations.

Coming from different backgrounds, each artist has a different way of embedding their artistic practice within the extreme but sacred body of nature and weather. As the two forms of expression, music and visual imagery come together with nature, they evoke a sense of physical presence.

The Solstice 2023 art program will be announced early next year.


Ruka presents the perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature. The area's national parks together with Ruka-Kuusamo’s services, hiking trails and outdoor activities make sure that there’s plenty of options for everyone - for those of us who like to enjoy nature by slowing down as well as those who like to get wild in the wilderness.

Bear watching

Spend a memorable nightless night and meet the king of the forest in close distance.

More information and booking here.


Ruka is home to some of the most beautiful nature Finland has to offer, making it a hiker's paradise. From whitewater rivers to Lappish fells and dense natural forests. Pack some grub and head out to the relaxing woods and stunning hills of the north.

More information about hiking trails you can do on your own and booking for guided hikes here.

Mountain Biking

Ruka-Kuusamo’s pure nature and the diverse repertoire of trails make the biking conditions invincible. Some trails require technical expertise, some are suitable for beginners.

Just jump on a bike and let it roll!

More information here.

River Rafting

Kuusamo and its roaring rivers are perfect for river rafting. From easier shorter routes to difficult and long ones.

More information and booking here.

Summer Sled

Need for speed? Ruka's summer sled track takes you down the hill at up to 60km/h.

More information and booking here.

Paddling & Canoeing

A relaxing way to explore the waters around Ruka.

More information and booking here.


Glide through the skies, over the Ruka fell with Finland's longest zipline as you marvel at the breathtaking scenery around and beneath you. Starting at Ruka’s peak, you slide to the crest at the Gondola Lift Station.

More information here.

Ruka Bikepark

Up with a lift, down by bike. Ruka-Kuusamo offers mountain biking in stunning landscapes for beginners and pros with ready made courses. Bikes are available to rent from Ruka Bikes.

More information here.



Travellers from southern Finland can take the charter bus from Helsinki to Ruka, departing on Wednesday/Thursday and returning on Sunday.

Buses from Helsinki stop at grocery store K-Citymarket Kuusamo on the way to Ruka.

Train travel to Oulu and bus transfer is another option, with a new charter bus from Oulu that matches flight arrivals. Alternatively, take a Matkahuolto operated bus from Oulu to Kuusamo and continue by taxi to Ruka.

All schedules and tickets are available on TikettiVR, and Matkahuolto.


Helsinki is accessible from most major cities, and the simplest option to reach Ruka is by Solstice charter bus from Helsinki on Wednesday/Thursday, returning on Sunday.

Buses from Helsinki stop at grocery store K-Citymarket Kuusamo on the way to Ruka.

Another option is to take a train/flight to Oulu and transfer by Solstice charter bus on Wed 21.6 or take a Matkahuolto operated bus from Oulu to Kuusamo and continue by taxi.

Flying to Kuusamo and taking the airport shuttle or taxi to Ruka is also an option.

All schedules and tickets available on Tiketti (charter bus), VR (train) and Matkahuolto (bus).

If you have any questions about travelling to Solstice, feel free to contact us at hello(at)


There are many options to stay around the Ruka area, from cozy apartment hotel rooms to spacious nature-side villas. We've picked the most convenient ones for you to choose from with special pricing through Tiketti. You’ll find pictures, details and booking links through the map below.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the top in 2023.

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