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An experience of music and art in a high plain environment where the sun never sets.

It’s night time but it’s not dark. Not at all. I’m high up, higher than normally. Picturesque views come rushing into my visual field. All around me land covered in trees. Where there aren’t trees, there are cute little lakes. I’m far away from the nearest highway, only remnants of daily urban life occupy my existence. Gazing at the horizon, that ball of fire. It’s a long way down from where I am. I like it here.

Solstice Festival is a gathering for people who enjoy music, art and nature, preferably combined. It takes place in northern Finland close to the arctic circle, on top of a fell called Ruka about half a kilometer above sea level, from June 24th to the 26th. In case you were wondering, the Sun doesn’t set in the north during midsummer. That’s what they call summer solstice.

This small boutique festival takes place outdoors with lots of room to roam. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure safety among attendees. All possible steps are taken to minimize environmental impact and ensure a sustainable practice.