Solstice is a boutique music and arts festival taking place on top of Ruka, a fell in northern Finland.

An experience of music and art in a high plain environment where the sun never sets.

Imagine yourself in a tiny grassy village, rising high above the seemingly endless sea of spruce and pine trees and little lakes around you. The clouds appear to be almost at arms length. You’re far away from the nearest highway, only narrow rocky roads lead to this place. The light of the Sun seems to illuminate forever, and you have forgotten about your daily existence.

The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (“sun”) and sistere (“to stand still”).



Antti Salonen is one of the most notable figures in Techno in Finland at the moment. His Techno Interests Me nights have enjoyed the status of ‘local favorite’ in Helsinki for nearly 4 years now and no wonder; Antti has excellent taste in music as well as bookings, inviting over the likes of Adam X, Mono Junk, and Anastasia Kristensen for his nights.



Moscow’s boy wonder Buttechno took the world by storm in 2015 with self-released stripped down idiosyncratic Techno workouts. A few years down the line his music has ended up on The Trilogy Tapes, Cititrax and Incienso. That should be enough to convince people he’s a force to reckon with.



Finnish producer, sound designer and composer Celestial Trax’s style of music can be traced to back where he has lived during different times of his life, from the murky experimental club-not-club music on New York label PTP to the blissful and truly immersive canvases of sound on his own imprint True Aether, an antithesis to the “exhausting, hyper-saturated cyber-dystopia we’ve been thrust into”. The now Helsinki-based artist will perform live at Solstice 2019, a perfect meeting spot between nature and his music.



Dubby ocean deep pads, smoked out electronics, field recorded magic; djrubio’s music is a blessing for the senses. Some will know him from his previous adventures, some won’t. The only thing you need to know now is that djrubio will be performing live at Solstice 2019.



Vancouver DJ/producer D. Tiffany’s music has been released on labels like 1080p collection and Pacific Rhythm since 2014. However, it was after pushing out her own imprint Planet Euphorique that things really kicked off. The label is responsible for some of the best modern dance music out there, playfully touching on Electro, Acid, Breakbeat and 90s ambient Techno aesthetics.



DJ Aleksi is one half of SMOOD, a DJ duo and a radio show on Bassoradio as well as Bristolian Noods Radio. He plays regularly at spots like Siltanen and Kammari, the sideroom of Kaiku. As a highly flexible DJ, you can hear him set atmospheres for early nights in Helsinki, bang it out on a late night in Riga, or play 6 hours on a sunny terrace. No matter the situation, DJ Aleksi’s got you covered. He also runs OO Recordings together with Helsinki locals Handshaking and Raul E.



DJ Jese is from a city called Lahti, which is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Chicago of Finland. Maybe you already see where we’re going with this. All though Jese has his house sound in check, it’s his knack for freakish disco records and avant-garde world music that makes him an exciting deejay. For the past the 3 years he’s been running Ilokivi Dance Night in Jyväskylä, keeping premium dance music alive in middle Finland against all odds.



Deep, unadulterated and transcendental Techno has become a staple of DJ Nobu. His experience of over 20 years as a DJ solidifies in a deliberate and calm style of commanding the platters, enabling him to really focus on the crowd, to move them mentally and physically. Like an expert composer would do through a musical piece. Since the beginning of the decade, Nobu’s name has seemed to pop up all over the world, and he doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.



Emma Valtonen has been dabling with music since her pre-teens, geeking out on genres, playing guitar and bass in bands. But it was while in Uni when she got involved with house and techno through a student organisation called Entropy. Sound wise she sticks firmly to different styles of four to the floor rhythms, from acid to deep to dub and beyond. Emma is a resident at Kaiku and one of the few Finns with a Boiler Room appearance on her CV. In addition to that she’s played at events such as Flow Festival and Into The Valley to name a couple.



Emma DJ is the mastermind behind Fusion mes couilles, a notorious party series in Paris known for its hedonistic galore and spot on bookings. Since leaving Helsinki for Paris, Emma has established FmC as one of the most exciting new parties in the city of l̷i̷g̷h̷t̷s̷ cigarette smokers. He’ll be bringing some of that ultimate DJ flair to the higher grounds of Ruka-Kuusamo. Expect the unexpected.



After returning back to Helsinki from a stint in Tokyo, where she held a residency at Ayoma Tunnel and frequently played at Koara, Hanna Ojanen has seeped into to the clubosphere of her hometown. Soundwise she’s into a broad scope of sonics from American disco to middle eastern tinged dance music.



In the 6 years of her DJ residency at Kaiku, Kristiina Männikkö has convinced Helsinki locals that she is a force to reckon with. Her unfussy mixing that sails smoothly between darker Italo, EBM and weirded up House music, coupled with a focused presence in the booth is sure to win over hearts across the globe in years to come.



Lara Silva picked up a variety of instruments growing up, the flute, the drums, the violin. Fast forward a decade and she finds herself controlling the 1s and 2s, favouring an eclectic mix of moody atmospheres and driving rhythms.


Linda Lazarov has in a few short years become a local favourite in Helsinki and rightfully so; she plays from the heart. Uncompromising yet pleasing. She’s a connoisseur of Electro, but you won’t be hard-pressed to find her mix it up with EBM, Post Punk and Techno. Linda’s musical sensibilities have earned her slots at Flow Festival and Berlin’s beloved Herrensauna party. She’s one of the newest additions to Kaiku’s resident roster and a frequenter at Post Bar.



Mama Snake is one of Denmark’s most intriguing DJs at the moment. Her taste for fast, sentimental techno and psychedelic trance combined with razor sharp mixing is as captivating as it is fun, drawing accolades from dance music fans across the spectrum.
We can’t think of a better place to get down to her sound than on the peak of Ruka-Kuusamo.



Marju cut her teeth organizing parties at a local UG spot and throwing events of her own at other locations. Soon enough she realised she couldn’t resist getting into deejaying, and we’re glad she couldn’t. She’s one the more passionate new DJs to have emerged in Helsinki, with a focus on deeper shades of house and a love for vinyl.



Miro-Benji is a highly active DJ with regular night’s at Siltanen and Kaiku’s second room, Kammari. Together with Stennabb he’s the host of Shelter Sound, a bi-weekly radio show on Bassoradio focusing on the more balearic and worldy side of music.



Onni Boi is a singer/songwriter who rose to prominence in Finland back in 2017 with his sensitive yet danceable take on contemporary electronic music.



Olli Koponen and Santtu XL are two lovely chaps from Helsinki, known to bust out shapeshifting Trance (borderline Techno) through their synths and samplers.



Sansibar has been making wonderfully crafted music for most of his life, whether it’s been dreamy guitar Trip Hop as Mundo, experimental Techno darker than winter in Finland as C.O.P or super lo-fi Punk as Shoplift. However, his stripped down, intergalactic, modern yet retro-loving take on Electro as Sansibar is bound to make feet wiggle and neurons dance. But don’t just take our word for it.



From all the DJs who could be considered the third wave of Helsinki disc jockeys, Sebastian Holm has probably been around the longest. From the days of Emperatron, to the current times of now, Sebastian Holm has always been a deejay’s deejay.



Chilean-born, Bristol-based Shanti Celeste emerged into people’s consciousness a few years back with airtight mixes and mature productions on labels like Idle Hands, Broadwalk Records and Future Times. More recently she’s released on Peach Discs, a label she runs with Gramrcy. Her knack for alluring melodies and breezy atmospheres became evident early on, though it’s not uncommon to hear her bust out high octane Techno and Electro as well. We’re 100% certain that she’ll fit nicely into the surroundings at Ruka-Kuusamo.



Spekki Webu is the gatekeeper behind Mirror Zone, an exciting new label that started off strongly last year with a reissue of seminal 90s record, Memphis’ ‘Beneath a Different Sun’, and has since continued to push out extraordinary tripped out dance music for spiritual awakening. The flying dutchman has garnered a following in his native land for his space and time dissolving DJ sets that span from primal Techno to Jungle to the deepest of Goa. Combine that with a sun that never sets.



Not many people know Italo like Tero Männikkö knows Italo. He’s been Helsinki’s top aficionado of said style of music for close to a decade now, organizing club nights such as Musica spaziale, Splendido splendente, and one of the city’s favorites, Disco Obscura, together with her sister in crime Kristiina. Spacey synths and reverberated drums rarely sound as good as they do on Tero’s platters.



The Taipei-born DJ moved to the northern hemisphere for art studies and found himself working at Kaiku after a while and spending his free nights there. Little did he know he’d soon be a resident DJ at the local hotspot, known for his excellent selection of Disco, Boogie and jazzy House. He’s also one of the founders of Chiching Records.













There are exceptional places for art to happen, exist and to be experienced on top of the fell.


Solstice 2019 art program brings together a group of young emerging artists to create commissioned site-specific art installations. Coming from different backgrounds, each artist has a different way of embedding their artistic practice within the surrounding forces of solstice sunlight and northern nature.


As the installations are built and exhibited on the fell, the artists were encouraged to use natural and sustainable materials. The artworks range from immersive sculptures made from recycled materials to interactive light and wood installations. As the two forms of expression, music and visual imagery come together with nature, they evoke a sense of physical presence.


For the first edition of Solstice Festival, we present artists: Caracara Collective, Sini Henttu, Irene Suosalo, Matti Vilho, Jenny Koivukoski


The site, Rukatunturi, is a fell located in northern Finland. The event takes place between the 20th and 22nd of June, during the time of summer solstice in Finland. Combined with the northern location this means the sun doesn’t set at all during that time, creating a unique atmosphere, a celebration of light and life.

Ruka is a superb place for different kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, rafting and bear watching, which is why encourage you to come a couple of days before the festival, stay a couple of days extra or do both.

You can find more information and a full list of activities here


Festival map

Click the map below to download it.




At the time of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is tilted about 23.4° (23°27´) toward the Sun. Because the Sun’s rays are shifted northward by the same amount, the vertical noon rays are directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer (23°27´ N).


All tickets sold for Solstice 2019 are valid for three days and they will be changed into wristbands on site. Tickets are sold through Resident Advisor and Tiketti.




1st release 55€ (sold out)
2nd release 65€ (sold out)
3rd release 80€ (sold out)
4th release 95€ (sold out)
Final release 110€


There are 4 cozy accommodation to choose from.


About 800m from the festival site, three different sized private cabins for 4-8 people. Sold out.


Different sized apartments for 2-6 people, located in Ruka Village, about 1km from the festival site. Book below.


Luxury villas, 500m from the festival site, for 8-12 people.

book here


1-3 person hotel rooms. Breakfast included. Located in Ruka Village, about 1km from the festival site.

book here



Ruka Ski Resort is located in Kuusamo, Finland. We offer bus rides from Helsinki directly to the festival site and back. Also, Finnair flies daily from Helsinki to Kuusamo and Oulu. Norwegian flies from Helsinki to Oulu and SAS from Stockholm to Oulu.

Book your round-trip bus rides below.


Buses leave on Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 22:00, arriving at Ruka-Kuusamo the next morning at 9:00.


All buses traveling back to Helsinki leave on Sunday at 12:00 from Ruka-Kuusamo, arriving in Helsinki at 23:00.


If you have any requests or questions about traveling to Solstice, please contact us at [email protected]


Rukatunturi is 490 meters high.


Solstice Festival adheres to green values and works in accordance to Ruka’s environmental plan to ensure a carbon neutral festival. All of the electricity used will be generated through wind and water power. Waste will be recycled back into raw materials and energy. Read more about Ruka’s environmental plan at www.ruka.fi/en/environment.

Rules & FAQ


The festival is held on top of a fell called Rukatunturi, 490m above sea level.

There are bars and food shacks on site to keep your thirst and hunger away. Bringing your own drinks is not allowed, but you can bring an empty non-refundable water bottle and small snacks. More info below.

It’s very important that you leave no trace behind, meaning no cigarette butts, no trash, no glitter, no confetti, no cans or bottles. We encourage everyone to pick up litter as they go. There will be plenty of trash bins on site.

All canned and bottled drinks sold inside the festival include a 1€ deposit which is refundable upon return.

Zero tolerance for harassment, disruptive, and generally unwanted behaviour. If you witness any, please report to security or a staff member.

Zero tolerance for illegal substances. Everyone is subject to a security check at the gate.

Bring plenty of warm clothes, Finnish summer can be unpredictable.


Drinks of any kind
Illicit substances
Pets or other animals
SLR cameras, Tripods, Selfie sticks, GoPro sticks and other camera sticks
Deposit bottles
Weapons of any kind, firearms, drugs/narcotics, alcohol and any other illegal items
Aerosol sprays (hairspray, deodorant, paint etc.)
Any portable chairs


First aid is located near the Valley entrance.



What is the age limit?

18 years. Identification required.

How do I get to Solstice 2019?

Ruka Ski Resort is located in Kuusamo. The easiest way to get there is by bus. We sell bus tickets from Helsinki to Ruka and back. Grab them here.

The nearest airport is Kuusamo Airport. You can also fly to Oulu Airport and take a bus to Kuusamo. Bus tickets for Oulu-Kuusamo available at www.matkahuolto.fi.

Where can I book an accommodation?

Through our website, click here.

Where can I buy a ticket to the festival?

You can buy tickets from Resident Advisor and Tiketti or together with accommodation through our website Beware of frauds when buying second hand tickets.

Is there a camping site?

There is no camping on the festival site. The nearest camping is at Iisakki Village. More info at www.rukasafaris.fi/en/iisakki-village/camping-2

Is there fresh drinkable water on site?

Yes inside the festival area. We also sell water bottles on site.

Is there a guarded place to leave my belongings on the festival site?

No. We recommend you leave your valuables at your accommodation.

Can I bring food?

You can bring small snacks (nuts, cookies, bananas etc.)

Is there an ATM on site and what forms of payment are accepted?

There is one located in Ruka Village, 1 km from the festival site. Accepted forms of payment on site are cash, credit and bank cards.

How do I move around Ruka and the festival site?

Mainly by foot. There’s a local cab service as well. More info: https://www.ruka.fi/en/getting-around

Can I drive there?

You can and there are parking spaces in Ruka Village and at MastonAitio only for those who are staying there. (https://www.ruka.fi/en/parking). We don’t encourage private cars however.

Can I return or change my ticket?

All tickets are non-refundable and unexchangeable.

Can I bring my medicine?

Yes but please contact us beforehand at hello(at)solsticefestival.fi

Can I take photos or film at the festival?

Yes, but keep in mind your fellow festival attendees. Don’t film other people without their permission and please don’t film or take photos on the dancefloors. SLR cameras, selfie sticks, drones or tripods are forbidden.

Media accreditation

For press inquiries, please get in touch by 1st April at hello(at)solsticefestival.fi


Solstice Festival adheres to green values and works in accordance to Ruka’s environmental plan to ensure a carbon neutral festival. All of the electricity used will be generated through wind and water power. Waste will be recycled back into raw materials and energy. Read more about Ruka’s environmental plan at www.ruka.fi/en/environment.